The past

In 2017, Wattson Bar underwent a drastic change that made a huge impact in the Party District: with a fully new concept, the bar quickly became one of the most famous pubs in the Budapest downtown scene.

The extravagant interior and the impeccable service contributed to the popularity of the place - however, the changes that the world faces right now made us think about a more responsible way to operate.

Steampunk Pub

The theme is extraordinary and eccentric as Steampunk itself. Sitting around our tables feels like an imaginary trip on a locomotive accompanied by lords wearing top hats. Lamps hanging on copper tubes surrounded by clockwork themed wallpapers take you to an anachronistic, yet eclectic travel in time.

The industrial turmoil is not over! Pumps, horns and pressure meters decorate the walls along with a whole bunch of gears and springs while all our beverages offered at the bar are lined up straight in a rigid metal compartment. The amount of spare parts all around and some sips of our best drinks make you actually believe the whole place is working.

The Present - Rent Your Own Pub!

In the summer of 2020, we decided together with our team that we should open the bar again, but in a slightly different way. That’s what the “Rent Your Own Pub” is all about: you can rent the place for yourself and your friends (or colleagues, or family members…) for a private party in the heart of Budapest for a very reasonable price and without the difficulty of the party-planning. 

All you have to do is to contact us with your party idea, and we will definitely make it happen! Recently, we have seen a growing demand among our customers for a venue where private events can be held. Wattson Bar is the perfect place for this: the drinks are one of the most inexpensive in the city and the atmosphere is just breathtaking! 

With our wide range of services, you can choose the best offer for you and your group!

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